Supermarket stacking and nesting trays crates-6410


Product Model


External Dimensions

600X400X100 mm
23.62X15.75X3.94 in

Internal Dimensions

570X370X90 mm
22.44X14.57X3.54 in


1.13 kg
2.49 lbs


19 Liters
5.02 Us gallon


The supermarket stacking and nesting trays crates have been designed specifically for transport and storage of food product. They are environmentally friendly crate and are perfect for use within a supermarket . The bale arm crate will be fully compatible with supermarket trays and nests by 76%.

This product is suitable for food applications and is compatible with supermarket crates.
This product has an adhesive label area on all sides and an integrated card holder on both short walls.

we also provide straight wall plastic container, corrugated plastic tote boxes

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