stack and nest plastic bins-623426315


Product Model


External Dimensions

623X426X315 mm
24.53X16.77X12.4 in

Internal Dimensions

525X398X310 mm
20.67X15.67X12.2 in


1.86 kg
4.1 lbs


30 Liters
7.93 Us gallon


The stack and nest plastic bins have been designed specifically for transport and storage of food product.

This product is suitable for food applications and is compatible with supermarket crates.
This product has an adhesive label area on all sides and an integrated card holder on both short walls.

we also provide heavy duty straight wall containers, corrugated plastic bins, Tomato harvest crates

Stack and nest bins are made from  tough, durable and UV resistant food grade pp.Its clever design requires a 180º rotation to enable them  to either stack or nest.  which provides substantial freight and logistic savings when not in use and stack when full . Perforated design with holes for air flow and ideal for vegetable storage.